Ann Alderson Biba

"I seek beauty and movement in all things, and I choreograph the forms into the glass, capturing for an instant the dance they are living."

Ann Alderson Biba loves working with glass for its magical balance of fragility and strength.

She feels that combining nature (for its simplicity and universal messages) with glass (for its light, joyous feeling) yields the most important feature in her work: beauty.

Biba's' forms are created by first blowing a hollow sphere of glass. Sandblasting allows her to remove unwanted areas to create dynamic and often realistic structures. Finally, colors are hand painted and fired onto the vessels.

Ann Alderson Biba loves the magical balance of fragility and strength she finds in glass. Her pieces begin as blown glass spheres, which she then sandblasts, paints, and fires in a kiln to create beautifully patterned works of art.

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