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David Coddaire

"All items in this line are produced with a relationship to the human figure."

The first part of David Coddaire's production takes place in his forge on the ground floor of his warehouse, where two welders work in darkness illuminated by arcing flames and the sizzle of a mig welder. In this space defined only by the glow of metal, Coddaire draws his shapes directly onto steel or bronze and cuts them out with a torch. The four pieces that determine the dimensions of the nascent object are then welded together to form a complete work of art -- vase, pedestal, cabinet or table.

The second part of the process gets underway in the light-drenched upper story where the ground metal is treated with oxidizing acids that color it an earthy green or red. Each piece is finally bathed in a pigment wash that renders an array of soft, dusty colors.

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