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Heather Palmer

"It is important to me to create objects with care and integrity. Then I can feel good about putting them in the world."

In creating these beautiful, delicate bowls, it is as if artist Heather Palmer has somehow captured the moment when liquid glass becomes solid. In green, the open latticework is like a bowl created with overlapping pieces of grass. In black and bronze, it is as if bare branches of winter trees have been caught in miniature form in unique bowls you can hold in your hands.Through conversations with other artists, and experimentation, Heather Palmer looks for better ways of working, new techniques, and new ways of seeing.

As Artful Home artistic advisor Michael Monroe states, "Heather Palmer has captured the spontaneity and liquidity of splashing, molten glass to create shapes that, like birds' nests, are both delicate and strong at the same time."

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