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Gazelle Art Glass

Carolyn's Art Glass

"We produce unique, beautiful blown salt and pepper shakers, ornaments, and wall sculptures."

Gazelle Art Glass continually strives to make each creation unique. At Gazelle, a team of lampworkers melt Pyrex (borosilicate) glass using a torch. The molten glass is then stretched into thin sticks called cane and applied in lines and dots to objects. Pink and yellow colors are accomplished by vaporizing silver and/or gold onto the glass. The other colors are created by melting large quantities of Pyrex glass and mixing powdered pigments - cobalt, chrome, copper and others - into the molten glass.

Known for their whimsical lines of salt and pepper shakers and ornaments, the glass artists at Gazelle are always inventing new combinations of shapes, patterns and animals.

With the retirement of owner/founder Skip Horton, Gazelle became an employee-owned company.

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