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Jenne Giles

Harlequin Feltworks

"Wool has a will of its own. I listen to it, learn what it will do and where it will go, coax it into new sculptural forms and painterly effects."

When Jenne Giles began making wearable art, she sought a medium that could combine her love for painterly color, sculptural form, folk art, craft, and electrifying costume. All of this she found in felting.

An ancient craft, felting uses hot water and soap to bind wool fibers together to form a durable fabric. For Jenne Giles, each piece is then worked by hand using rolling, scrubbing, pulling, and cutting to create the final sculptural scarf.

The natural ability of wool to felt can produce unexpected results. Jenne Giles uses the spontaneity of the medium to discover new forms and color effects. Her sophisticated designs are as functional as they are fabulous. The evocative artistry of each piece is matched by impeccable craft.

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