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Paul Piacitelli

"My goal as a furniture designer/maker is to create visually compelling pieces from modest materials. "

In 2001, after twenty years as a graphic designer and art director, Paul Piacitelli decided to pursue his long-time interest in furniture design. Coming from a graphic design rather than a woodworking background influences his approach to furniture design, technique, and materials.

Using sheets of premium-grade plywood to fashion his pieces, Piacitelli attempts to eliminate preconceptions of this material and take advantage of its inherent structural, visual, and ecological qualities. He seeks to transform these planar surfaces into dynamic three-dimensional objects that emphasize line, volume, composition, and qualities of light.

Piacitelli is largely self-taught.

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  • Exhibitions & Awards
Wood Stool
by Paul Piacitelli
$ 600
"Low Table"
Wood Coffee Table
by Paul Piacitelli
$ 750
Wood Stool
by Paul Piacitelli
$ 1,200
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
First place-art furniture/ Design in Wood Exhibition, San Diego, CA, Mission Tower Building, 2007
Finalist-art furniture/ Design in Wood Exhibition, San Diego, CA, Mission Tower Building, 2006
Third place-art furniture/ Design in Wood Exhibition, San Diego, CA , Mission Tower Building , 2005
Best of Show/ Furniture and Light Show, Seattle, WA, Seattle Seafirst Gallery, 1995
Best chair/ Student Furniture Show, Seattle, WA, Cornish College of the Arts Gallery, 1994
Rising Star Furniture Makers, Seattle, WA, Northwest Fine Woodworking Gallery, 2009
Control+Alt+Design, JOIN:Design Seattle's 1st Annual Design Review, Seattle, WA, Ouch My Eye Gallery, 2009
Gallery Unpublished, Seattle, WA, Methodologie Design Studio, 1998