Michael McCoy

Castlewerks by Michael McCoy

"My goal is to create contemporary, heirloom quality pieces that are delightful to behold, a pleasure to use, and worthy of the space they occupy."

Michael McCoy's work is guided by the belief that the best designs are those that perfectly harmonize the form with its function.

Conceptually, McCoy uses color and textural contrast in his work to emphasize the organic, sculptural quality of each piece. He combines traditional hand tool methods of shaping wood with modern methods of vacuum pressing and lamination bending to create his unique style of functional art.

An engineer in a family of artists, Michael McCoy spent his school years in art and printmaking classes, while winning science fairs and tinkering with anything that had moving parts. Emerging from a career in high tech, his mid-century, Rocket Age, style is the natural fusion of his engineering background with an intrinsic sense of art and design.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Furniture Society Fine Art Auction, New York, Architectural Digest Home Design Show, 2011

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