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Jerry Hardesty

"I am committed to expressing my innermost thoughts and emotions through vibrant colors and enigmatic textures that beg to be explored."

Abstract Expressionist Jerry Hardesty paints daily in his home studio. To paraphrase Cecil B. DeMille, ..."creativity is a drug Hardesty cannot live without." Color and texture are an extension of his love of music and theater.

Hardesty uses various palette knives and tools to create texture. He becomes visibly excited when finding a new tool in a hardware store where he also purchases brushes that he can abuse and throw away. In one painting, "Facade," Hardesty cut the bristles from seven brushes and used them to texture the work. He paints with oil, acrylic, enamel, spray paint, tempera and uses acrylic floor wax.

Even though Hardesty has studied with a number of local artists, he is primarily self-taught.

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Acrylic Painting
by Jerry Hardesty
$ 3,000
Acrylic Painting
by Jerry Hardesty
$ 3,000
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Performance Painting, SAlt Lake City, Utah, DF Dance Studio, 2012
Performance Painting, Salt Lake City, Utah, 3rd Rail Gallery, 2012
Featured Artist, Salt Lake City, Utah, DF Dance Studio, 2011
Featured Artist, Salt Lake City, Utah, Chapman Library, 2011
Featured Artist, Midvale, Utah, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 2011
Feature Artist , Salt Lake City, Utah, Art at the Main, 2011
Award of Recognition, Salt Lake City, Utah, Intermountain Society of Artists' Fall Show, 2010
Group Show, Salt Lake City, Utah, KCPW Radio Station, Library Square, 2010
Statewide Competition & Exhibition, Bountiful, Utah, Bountiful Davis Aft Center, 2010
Featured Artist, Salt Lake City, Utah, Beans & Brews, 2010