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Art Across America

art across america

The delight in discovering a regional art fair or traveling along a tour of local artists’ studios has been unparalleled—until now. Now at Artful Home, you can find artists by region and state, in addition to stories including local flavor, history and events. Here you can:

» Find artists by region or state
» See a selection of the local artwork
» Learn more about art and events in the region

Just click anywhere on the map, and enjoy this virtual road trip to art across America!
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Looking to discover something new in your region, or perhaps learn more about artists in a different part of North America? Start here.

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If you want to get right into the art, click any state below to see a collection of artwork grouped by state.
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Learn More

Bay Area Art Glass
The hills of San Francisco are rich with a vibrant community of glass artists. Discover more about the unique scene and history of art glass in the Bay Area.
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Colorado Studio Visits
Any one piece represents all the years of experience of that artist, funneled into a specific work.
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New England Jewelers
With a large number of our jewelers hailing from the Northeast region, Lisa Bayne decided to dig around to find the connection. Read more to discover the surprising history of silversmithing in New England.
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American Craft in Penland
A national center for craft education, the Penland School of Crafts has a unique approach to furthering art in America. Discover how in this article.
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The Draw of the Southwest
There is a long tradition of working with clay in the arid Southwest, a tradition still being shaped today. Learn more about ceramics of the Southwest in this article.
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Rooted in the Midwest
Located near the twin cities of Minnesota, Tim Harding makes vibrant silk tapestries that offer a flavor of the Midwest. Learn more about this artist and others in this post by CEO Lisa Bayne.
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Artists of Canada
At each coast of Canada, influential shows offer a peek into the vibrant twin worlds of art and design. Read this article to learn more about these shows and our talented Canadian artists.
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