Ron Starr

"The freshness and spontaneity in my work is truly one of a kind. I rely on improvisation rather than detailed, previously drawn-up plans to construct my art, working within the moment and responding to glass in a kind of dialogue as it changes beneath my hands."

Glass artist Ron Starr takes a freestyle approach to his work, immersing himself in the wonderful characteristics of sand, color, and hot glass. What he achieves is a natural presence that creates the perfect surfaces for his distinctive glowing colors and designs.

Starr maintains a truly process-driven practice that blends ideas and materials into a cohesive whole. Ironically, the artist's elusive spontaneity is the result of many years of experience in the studio. He and his team ladle hot glass into special sand molds laced with powdered glass to create brilliant colors and textures. Some pieces are embellished with unique blends of specially selected paints and epoxies.
Art Glass Sculpture

by Ron Starr
$ 4,150