7Hands Design

"We like to think that every garment we create already has an owner and that we are just waiting for the owner to pick it up!"

Lindy Lopez and Erandeny Torres have been obsessed with handmade fabrics and embroidery their whole lives, and they're committed to highlighting these traditional materials through their modern designs. Their handmade apparel is unique and rooted in natural materials that are sourced from around the world.

The designers start with international fabrics that have been reinterpreted into contemporary yet timeless clothing. Their distinctive patterning method enables them to see the fabric design while cutting, which makes it possible to envision how the design will appear in the finished garment. Fabrics are sewn together to create mixes that are cross-cultural. All of their garments are cut by hand and sewn in their studio in California.

The daughter of textile buyers—which provided materials for her work—Lopez has been sewing since childhood and is self-taught. She made costumes for Stanford University. Educated in fashion design at West Valley College in California, Torres is an award-winning designer and offers a unique cross-cultural perspective.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Aegis Gallery, Saratoga, CA, Saratoga, 2006-2014
New York Fashion Week, Hi Tech Moda, New York, NY, 2018
Brooklyn Fashion Week, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, 2018
Emerging Designer Show, San Francisco Fashion Week, San Francisco, 2016