Beth Taylor

A Quirk of Art

"Always fascinated with artifacts and history, I believe I may have been an archeologist in another life. In this life, I have taken this fascination and combined it with my passion for jewelry and making the world a greener place to create sophisticated yet quirky found-object and recycled jewelry. "

Beth Taylor's jewelry is a combination of the old and new, of contrasting textures and colors, of the fun and the (slightly) serious. Taylor pairs more traditional materials like sterling silver and gemstones with recycled, repurposed and found materials. Tin cans, foil candy wrappers, old love letters, hardware, keys, buttons and more all take new shape and form in her jewelry.

Above all, Taylor creates her jewelry with a sense of meaning infused with beauty and fun. Quirky, yet wearable, each piece is meant to be coveted, collected, and cherished.

All A Quirk of Art jewelry is handcrafted with quality craftsmanship in Taylor's Bethlehem, PA studio.

Mesh Heart Necklace
Silver Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 248
$ 210.80
Leaf Song Bracelet
Silver & Tin Bracelet

by Beth Taylor
$ 335
$ 284.75
Leaf Song Necklace
Silver & Tin Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 370
$ 314.50
Love in 3-D Heart Pendant
Silver & Tin Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 118
$ 100.30
Tin Coin Charm Necklace
Metal Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 210
$ 178.50
3D Circle Charm Earrings
Silver & Tin Earrings

by Beth Taylor
$ 36
$ 30.60
Recycled Tin Orbit Earrings
Silver & Tin Earrings

by Beth Taylor
$ 52
$ 44.20
I Carry Your Heart Necklace
Silver, Brass & Tin Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 215
$ 182.75
Charmed Hearts Convertible Bracelet & Necklace
Metal Bracelet or Necklace

by Beth Taylor
$ 278
$ 236.30