Susan Woods

ASWOON/Susan Woods

"I work as a sculptor both as a fine artist and designer. It is because I like sculpture so much that I enjoy making things."

Susan Woods is a sculptor and artist at heart—very simply that. Her studio, Aswoon, creates fine art in a variety of sophisticated and reclaimed materials.

Susan Woods works in both metal and wood, specifically, in upholstery springs, steel, copper, and bent poplar plywood.

Susan Woods attended many years of art school, studied privately in Paris, and focused on figurative work as a training habit to learn how to see and make a type of art work that reflected her heart and soul as a visual artist.

Small Medusa Mirror
Metal MIrror

by Susan Woods
$ 630
$ 535.50
Large Medusa Mirror
Metal MIrror

by Susan Woods
$ 1,100
$ 935
Metal Vessel

by Susan Woods
$ 390
$ 331.50