Albert Barcilon

Albert I Barcilon

"Before starting a painting I set myself a goal. It may be a mood (longing for the past, reminiscences, and reflections). That mood surfaces after I set the canvas into a mild chaos. Out the chaos faint shapes appear that suggest a mood. I then know what I have to paint and when to stop painting."

Albert Barcilon finds satisfaction in painting using an economy of colors and shapes.The result has been a series of canvases with uncluttered design and strong colors.

Barcilon uses mostly 36 x 24 inch canvases. He divides each canvas into a large square and a remaining rectangle. Using the language of shapes and colors, Barcilon seeks a dialogue between the two areas. All of his paintings are characterized by strong colors. Some of his images are whimsical. Others express a feeling of longing achieved by the scarcity of shapes on the canvas.

Barcilon received his PhD at Harvard University in 1965. While teaching Meteorology at Florida State University, he explored courses in the Art Department. In 1988 at Harrod, London, UK, Barcilon exhibited and sold several paintings, and has exhibited locally and nationally since that time.