Craig Siebeneck

Alec-Reid Design Ltd

"My work's goal is to integrate natural beauty with the simplicity found in modern form, while reviving the fine art of modern studio design."

Respecting the traditional methods of wood working, Craig Siebeneck involves modern shapes and processes in his collection. His design inspirations come from Nature herself. Her sensual, fluid movements speak through the organic shapes and lines discovered during the creation process.

The commitment to quality craftsmanship starts with the selection of premium woods, which are laminated into various shapes and sizes. Craig then invest hours on hours sculpting layers of wood while including elements such as concrete, metal, and glass to reveal visually pleasing, functional furniture.

Craig's first creations were crafted as a child in his grandfather's wood shop where his grandfather, a retired cabinet maker, taught him traditional techniques. Years of learning and inspiration have translated into beautiful heirloom furniture.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show, Philadelphia, PA, Cruise Ship Terminal, 2007
BMAC Show Feb. & Aug. Merit Award, Philadelphia, PA, Penn. Conv. Center, 2007
BMAC Show Feb. Niche Award Finalist, Philadelphia, PA, Penn. Conv. Center, 2008
ACC Show Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Conv. Center, 2008
Salon des Refuses, Toledo, OH, Parkwood Gallery, 2006
500 TABLES (book), Lark Books, Asheville, NC, 2009