Alice Roche

"It is the simple things that make me stop and look. The imperfections of a line, the power of repetition, the beauty of unexpected shadows—all of these things feed the way I work and the objects I make."

Alice Roche offers a contemporary line of jewelry inspired by the natural and built environment. Handcrafted in her San Francisco studio, her designs complement the everyday lifestyle of the modern woman. As the daughter of an architect, Alice has always sought out a world of construction and design. Her architectural jewelry is composed like a pencil sketch capturing line weights, movement, texture, and positive and negative space. Her process captures an architectural feel and a compelling simplicity.

After receiving a Master of Architecture degree, Alice began making jewelry, adapting her design sensibility to a smaller scale that has captivated her since childhood. She forges and fabricates wire and sheet translating her sketches into silver. She uses straightforward techniques that reflect the simplicity of the jewelry she is making. The finished product retains a handmade quality which is inherent to its design. The exploration of architecture and the act of building guides the creation of her jewelry from start to finish.

Alice received a B.A. with an emphasis in sculpture from Kenyon College and later an M.Arch. from UC Berkeley. Coupling these fields of study with her love for making things has been the foundation of her jewelry designs.

Double Baby Tab Chain
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 178 - $ 195
Gold Filled Baby Tab Hoops
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 130
Stitch Oval Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 165
Cross Stitch Chain
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 155
Stitch Wrap Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 150
Gold Filled Tab Chain
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 345
Baby Tab Chain
Silver Necklace

$ 160
Stitch Bar Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 144
Double Stitch Chain Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 150
Stitch Bar Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 150
Triple Mayline Hoop Earring
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 108
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Jewelry Showcase, San Francisco, CA USA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art , 2006-2009
Jewelry Mart, Minneapolis, CA USA, Walker Art Center, 2008
Celebration of American Crafts, New Haven, CT USA, Creative Arts Workshop, 2008