Alicia Berger

"Each of my works--and each body of work--
is a continuation of the last and a link to the next; the same rule that applies to each circle or square in my paintings."

"Nothing can be observed in isolation, because the very act of observing must involve a coupling of some sort. What we observe is the interaction between things. The path of any object moving through space can be altered by outside interference: someone bumps into you and in that moment of apologies, your course is altered. Your next step may take you into the path of a falling rock, or maybe that stolen moment caused you to be one minute early, avoiding the possible tragedy altogether.

"Each object within my paintings is on a path and, like real life, each object is affected by and interacts with all the other objects surrounding it. Color moves through the space in a very deliberate way and each color exists in response to the color it follows. I view these paintings as topographical maps and like each circle or square in this series, this body of work will lead to the next--in essence, creating a topographical map of my life's path."