Alyssa Reiner

Allyre Jewelry

"I strive with my jewelry to bring women pieces that are timeless and classic, yet modern all at once. My greatest motivation is to create special works that women reach for again and again, but that never feel out of date, tired or humdrum."

Allyre Jewelry is the passion of designer Alyssa Reiner, a daydreamer drawn to architecture for inspiration. She sees architecture as at both a reflection of the age it was created, and a modern presence. It is the juxtaposition of modernity coupled with a sense of history that Alyssa seeks to express in jewelry. Alyssa interprets classic architectural references in jewelry pieces that are fresh, at home on the modern woman, yet never overtly trendy or "disposable."

Nearly every Allyre piece begins its life as a painstakingly hand-carved wax model that, through the traditional method of lost wax casting, is transformed into rich, 18k gold. Hand carving symmetrical elements allows for just the slightest imperfections that give Allyre pieces a human, handmade feel rather than a machine made, impersonal coldness.

A lifelong amateur artist in many different media, Alyssa put her creative side on hold during law school. After graduating and starting her first job, she realized that she could make time to explore a fascination with jewelry, and enrolled in her first metalsmithing class at the Art League School. She fell in love with the craft, and set up her own studio. After several more classes, and many more self-taught hours at her bench, Alyssa launched Allyre.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Buyer's Market of American Craft, PA, Philadelphia, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
History Repeating Itself, Chicago, IL, SOFA Chicago, 2006
Emerging Studio Artist show, New York, NY , Aaron Faber Gallery, 2004