Andi Shannon

"Delight the eye. Inspire the mind. Encourage the soul. This is what each day working as an artist does for me and it is my goal to provide the same for those who enjoy my art. "

The best studio days for Shannon are those that end with bins of vibrant yarns upturned on tables, riots of thread spools and bobbins lying about, bits of it all covering the floor, and her still humming along at the sewing machine. Her art is all about exploring color and texture and understanding how they play together.

Shannon begins each scarf by choosing yarns based on color, texture, weight, and fiber content. She carefully layers the yarns and sandwiches them between pieces of a soluble film. With a simple sewing machine, she then uses free-motion stitching to create the scarf, physically moving the sandwiched layers in small, interlocking circles. Once finished, the film washes out and leaves the elegant and unique scarf.

Andi Shannon is completely self-taught, having never taken an art class or a sewing class. What she has learned and mastered has been a result of trial and error and many hours dedicated to improving her craft every day.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Arts Alive! (Emerging Artist Invitation), Maple Hall, La Conner, WA, 2009, 11,12,13,14
La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum International Juried & Judged Quilt Festival, Maple Hall, La Conner, WA, 2011,2014
Best of the Northwest, Magnusson Park, Seattle, WA, 2010,11,13,14
Jansen Art Center (Seasonal Exhibits), Lynden, WA, 2013, 14
Shades of the Northwest (solo exhibit), La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum, La Conner, WA, 2015