Ann Cahoon

"I am awed by what seems to be a universal capacity to create. I find the work of the hand the consummate expression of beauty, and find inspiration in processes shared across generations and cultural boundaries. The act of making is a perpetual cycle, with new challenges raised even as the last ones are solved. "

Ann Cahoon is a designer-goldsmith living in northern Massachusetts. Her work is informed by the needlework of the women in her family, which surrounded her during childhood and led to her resulting youthful assumption that everyone "makes stuff." She continues to find inspiration in the world of textiles, from the graphic beauty of a charted knitting pattern to the play of pattern across an oriental rug.

Cahoon meticulously crafts each piece of her jewelry with traditional fabrication techniques. Loop-in-loop chain features in much of her work and is a process with repetition and rhythms much like the needlework that was such an integral part of her upbringing. All of her chain is made entirely by hand, link by link, using many of the same techniques that countless generations have used.

She considers herself extremely fortunate to have a diverse educational background. After receiving an honors double B.F.A. in jewelry and ceramics from the Maine College of Art in 1998, she continued her training at Boston's North Bennett Street School. She completed their prestigious jewelry making and repair program in 2002.

Hematite Drop Earrings
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 260
Large Chain Link Necklace
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,500
Petite Chain Link Necklace
Gold & Pearl Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 3,400
Chain Drop Necklace with Moonstone
Gold, Stone & Pearl Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,750
Chain Drop Earrings with Mokume
Gold & Pearl Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,440
Akoya Chain Drop Necklace
Gold & Pearl Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 2,300
Tahitian Pearl Drop Earring
Gold, Stone, & Pearl Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 6,800
Continuous Strand Necklace
Silver & Pearl Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,370
Bead Set Stem Earrings
Gold & Stone Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,740
Chain Drop Earring
Palladium, Gold, & Pearl Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,230
Continuous Strand Necklace
Gold, Silver, & Stone Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,170
Lotus Toggle
Gold & Silver Necklace

by Ann Cahoon
$ 2,700
Loop Pendant
Silver Pendant

by Ann Cahoon
$ 910
Twist Earrings
Palladium & Gold Earrings

by Ann Cahoon
$ 1,050
Mokume Gane ID Bracelet
GOld & Silver Bracelet

by Ann Cahoon
$ 5,250