Ashley Benton

"Less than reality, more than a dream." All of my work is one of a kind, hand built by me. I like the individuality and unique quality of each piece, as no two are alike. I focus on giving the figures and animals personality and character; however, I do not have a specific person in mind when making each piece, which gives them a dream-like quality. "

We are all influenced and inspired by the experiences we have from the moment we are born. Conversations, relationships, the things we read, see, and hear. As Ashley Benton makes each piece, she loves creating stories from her own unique experiences. Her work is intended to allow viewers to create their own stories.

Each piece is hand-built by the artist. For this reason, they are all different, but with similar features and finishes. After the initial bisque firing, Benton adds underglazes, using mostly black with some highlights of color, then fires to cone 06. The cups and vases are glazed on the interior, making them food safe and watertight.

Benton holds a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has been working in ceramics for the last five years, and studied with Debra Fritts to learn figurative techniques. She also has many years of experience as a painter. Benton works every day in her studio to hone her craft. She was recently awarded Best in Show in the Emerging Artist category at ACRE Philadelphia.