Bissinger's Handcrafted Confections

"Our goal has never been to be the biggest artisan chocolatier in the world, only the best."

Once confectioner to the King of France and European nobility, Bissinger's Handcrafted Confections has been the longest-standing name in the confectionery industry.

Bissinger’s confections were originally created and enjoyed by European nobility. Today, the same timeless recipes are used, crafted in new and inventive ways for all who appreciate a truly luxurious chocolate experience. For Bissinger's, it is key to preserve the old-world techniques necessary for exquisite quality by using copper kettles and preparing recipes in small batches using fresh ingredients.

At Bissinger's, the profound love of chocolate is taken very seriously. The rich history of confection craftsmanship has endured for over 350 years, when Bissinger’s products were once reserved for Royalty. Today, it is their chocolatiers' singular passion and privilege to hand craft the finest chocolate in the world from the techniques and recipes passed down from candy maker to candy maker.