Bonnie Lebesch

"Like a meditation, I practice a reserve of space, color, and shape dancing across the surface, consciously stopping when the play is complete. My work is a study of movement within negative space, the interplay of color, energy, and dimension using minimal geometric form."

Throughout her long art and design career, Bonnie Lebesch has pushed the boundaries on concept, material, and form, embracing a wide variety of mediums and audiences from graphic design and digital art, to painting and hand embroidery. Now her studio practice has turned inward, delving toward a central core of mindfulness, intentionality, and simplicity through a minimalist's eye.

Lebesch uses simple painting techniques in acrylic on paper in a minimalist/constructivist style. She builds up color glazes on the background and then develops each painting naturally by adding elements, one by one until the conversation is complete. Often, it only requires one tiny dot to bring the whole piece into balance.

Trained in graphic design, photography, video, and digital art, she is self-taught in painting and hand-stitched fiber arts. Lebesch received an MFA from New York University, a BFA from University of Illinois, and taught at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, and Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. She lives in Northern Colorado.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Art of the State Triennial, Arvada Center of the Arts, Arvada, CO, USA, 2019
Gun Show Exhibition, Loveland Museum of Art , Loveland, CO, USA, 2020
Rocky Mountain Biennial, Fort Collins Museum of Art, Fort Collins, CO, USA, 2020
2020 Vote Exhibition, Loveland Museum of Art , Loveland, CO, USA, 2020
Abstract & Non-Objective Art, 3 Square Art, Fort Collins, CO, USA, 2020