Abby Salsbury

Butterpie Productions

"As a clay artist it is my intent to create a hand made, decorative and functional pot that holds a sense of craftsmanship and history of art but that still can be afforded and collected for the purpose of everyday use."

My current body of work is the result of my concentration on throwing, hand building and mold making for the last 20 years. My attraction to design, function, form, color and texture has evolved toward a clearer idea of creating pots that participate in the daily lives of their owners, rather than unnoticed behind cabinet doors.

Abby's designs begin in her sketchbook and by playing with forms she's created on the wheel. Once the concept has been decided she makes a plaster mold of the form and casts with both white earthenware slip and clay slabs. From the molds the pieces are hand trimmed, spouts and knobs are carved, handles are pulled and then all parts are assembled.

Abby's love of clay began with summer classes at the age of 7 and lead her to majoring in ceramics in the departments headed by William Daley at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Betty Woodman at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Since, she has consistently continued making her work and her business, Butterpie Productions, a priority.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
The Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale, AZ, Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, 2009
The Bellevue Artsfair , Bellevue, WA, The Bellevue Arts Museum, 2008
"Originals 2007", Taos, NM, The Harwood Museum of Art, 2007
Taos Invites Taos - Nominee for Best in Ceramics, Taos, NM, Taos Civic Center, 2006
Scottsdale Arts Festival - Best in Clay 2nd place, Scottsdale, AZ, Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, 2002