Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier

Annie Rupani

"Thank you for joining me on this delicious adventure! With much chocolate love."

Coming from a South-Asian background, the smell of cardamom, cumin, coriander, and fennel were spices that flowed through the house of Chocolatier Annie Rupani, but were rarely appreciated until she began to explore the intricacies of food in college. During her time at Boston University, she studied abroad in London and Amman with stops in Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, and China. During her travels around the world, she gained a special appreciation for food and began her love affair with the culinary arts.

After graduating with a degree in anthropology and religion, Rupani began studying for her law school admissions exam, and took breaks by reading books about chocolatiering. This led to ordering 30 pounds of coverture chocolate, a mini-tempering machine, and a very messy kitchen. Three days after the test date, Rupani made her way to Pakistan where she spent the next six months working on her family's foundation. With chocolate constantly on her mind, she found a pastry school in Malaysia and attended a week of chocolatiering courses in Kuala Lumpur. Once she completed her projects in Pakistan, she made her way back to Houston determined to get her hands back on chocolate again. What was just a weekly break from the LSATs turned into a passion for the art of chocolate. What followed was the infusion of flavors from her upbringing and travels that enhanced these chocolate bites of art, which she now wants to share with you!