Caitie Sellers

"My industrial, feminine jewelry is inspired by the urban landscape. It is meant to make you feel both playful and powerful. "

Caitie Sellers is fascinated with the hidden workings of cities: the beautiful, efficient design that is so ubiquitous as to be almost ignored. Her work is informed by her sense of place and her observations of the many cities in which she's lived. She draws from themes of urbanization, infrastructure, and architecture.

Utilizing traditional silversmithing techniques, Sellers's handmade work revolves around a unique combination of industrial copper mesh and sterling silver. She has developed a method of joining the mesh to solid silver, creating fluid, transparent forms that are surprisingly light. Each piece has a matte black patina and is brushed and polished in places to highlight its depth and texture.

Caitie Sellers attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received a BFA in craft/material studies. After graduating, she continued her education by traveling, assisting other jewelry artists, and attending workshops across the country.

Bypass Ring
Silver & Copper Ring

$ 290
Triple Drop Earrings
Silver & Copper Earrings

$ 410
Five-Link Twist Necklace
Silver & Copper Necklace

$ 550
Nesting Crescent Necklace
Silver & Copper Necklace

$ 280
Twist Necklace
Silver & Copper Necklace

$ 220
River Cuff
Silver & Copper Bracelet

$ 130
Twist Earrings
Silver & Copper Earrings

$ 260
Globe Necklace
Silver & Copper Necklace

$ 190
Drip Hoops
Silver & Copper Earrings

$ 140 - $ 180
Small Ball Necklace
Silver & Copper Necklace

$ 220
Off-Center Hoops
Silver & Copper Earrings

$ 285
Teardrop Necklace
Silver & Copper Mesh Necklace

$ 340
Large Helix Necklace
Silver & Copper Mesh Necklace

$ 295
Triple Drop Convertible Earrings
Silver & Copper Mesh Earrings

$ 325
Globe Earrings
Silver & Copper Mesh Earrings

$ 220
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, CA, San Francisco, 2017
Artisphere, SC, Greenville, 2017
American Craft Council Show, MD, Baltimore, 2017
CraftBoston, MA, Boston, 2017
Tributaries Solo Show, Memphis, TN, Ornamental Metal Museum, 2017