"Cappelletti's shoes are the result of a genuine, family-run spirit."

Entering the Cappelletti company is like stepping back in time. A family-run enterprise, Cappelletti began its work in 1954 in a small workshop where, with the professionalism and the attention of an artisan, its first creations came to life. To this day, these pieces symbolize Cappelletti's pursuit of excellence.

As the small workshop grew over time to become the company it is today, the Cappelletti family always remembers its roots, by continuing to place its primary focus on its artisan experience and skill. This is how Cappelletti offers customers a product distinguished in both quality and price—styles that are essentially timeless.

Teamwork has determined the way forward. Direct and competent control over production, from joining to assembling, are just some of the key points on which Cappelletti is based. Meanwhile, every single piece is still created with an artisan's eye, which means nothing is left to fate.

Lazio Sneaker
Leather Shoe

$ 368
$ 147.20