Chiara Cocol

"We love to help you explore your own identity and combine different elements to enhance your personal style." "

Through 50 years of experience, handed down from generation to generation, Chiara Cocol expresses a rare sensibility that often surprises the wearer and makes their mood the mirror of their outfit. The result is a fusion of happiness, satisfaction, and love for oneself.

Natural fabrics and high-quality details define the soul of the brand. Chiara personally chooses her exceptional fabrics and patterns.

When she was just a little girl Chiara absorbed the passion and influence of her mother Luciana, who used to dress her with very large shirts, wide skirts, or gaucho pants—in contrast to the lacy and embroidered pieces others were wearing. After fashion school and over 15 years of experience working with Luciana, in 2011 Chiara began creating unique everyday outfits for creative women like herself and her brand was born.