Chris Bowman

"I draw inspiration from my environment and my materials. Often, both combine to guide the way my work develops."

Furniture artist Chris Bowman finds inspiration in his environment: surrounding architecture, local farm crops, sometimes a combination of both. The artist translates this inspiration into imaginative forms carved in wood and other materials. The result is furniture that is both sculptural and colorful.

Bowman's work begins with shaping and texturing. Often, he leaves tool marks from the shaping on the final surface--imparting a charm and character not unlike that of a handwritten letter. Next, he adds layers of paint, often rubbing through the layers to expose underlying colors and create rich visual dimension.
Wood Sculpture

by Chris Bowman
$ 420
$ 357
Coming and Going
Wood Sculpture

by Chris Bowman
$ 800
$ 680
Dwelling Structure
Wood Sculpture

by Chris Bowman
$ 520
$ 442