Dana Trattner

"The art before you is a celebration of my new visual world."

Painter Dana Trattner has experienced two very different views of the world. Before corneal transplant surgery, her vision and her art were very muted; dullness of color, evenness of tone, and distortion of figures and perspective were all distinctive characteristics of her artwork.

Today Dana's perception of light has increased many times over. She uses mixtures of pastel and water-based mediums and infuses her paintings and prints with the intense colors that she can now see clearly.


SunGoddesses From Away
Giclee Print

$ 150 - $ 240
SunGod Chat
Pastel Painting

$ 475
Gina's Nap
Giclee Print

$ 160
Too Much Sun
Pastel Painting

$ 1,030
Sun Goddess
Giclée Print

$ 145
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
solo show, Raymond, ME, Hole in The Wall Studioworks, May 28- June 29,2011