Daniel Rickey

Daniel Rickey Furniture

"I work with wood as a material to create simple, easy-to-live-with furniture. I draw inspiration from subtle and unexpected details that convey the quality of my work. My goal is to create furniture that one purchases knowing it will last generations."

Daniel Rickey's goal in designing and making furniture is to create objects that look beautiful, invite touch, and last for generations. He emphasizes clean lines and subtle details that appear effortless, yet transcend style trends. Rickey is constantly amazed and excited by the uniqueness of each piece of lumber he works with.

Each piece that Rickey creates goes through a rigorous prototyping process that involves drawing, model-making, and full-size prototyping—sometimes multiple times over. He wants to be satisfied with the final product in a way that makes him proud to put his name on it. He uses traditional hand techniques and modern machine techniques to build his work.

After working in cabinet shops for five years, Rickey decided to hone his skills at a two-year technical furniture-making school in North Carolina in 2008. In school, he learned hand skills and how to build furniture from various historical periods. He uses those skills to create his contemporary furniture.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
ACC Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2018
Craft and Design, Richmond, VA, Main St. Train Stations, 2017
Dream House Remix, Newport News, VA, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, 2017
Collectors Night Auction, Richmond, VA, Visual Arts Center, 2017
Craft and Design, Richmond, VA, Richmond Science Museum, 2016