David Klenk

"My work represents the decades I have spent making furniture. I use traditional techniques and materials and a mix of contemporary and classical design concepts to create furniture with a subtle but charismatic style. When designing, I strive to make pieces that will create an extraordinary experience for the future owners. To create this experience, I focus on simple forms with fresh details. "

David Klenk's work is different from other furniture makers because of his use of classical design, solid wood, meticulous craftsmanship, and an emphasis on his polished varnish finish. His boxes, totes, and tables are simple in style, yet refined and detailed. His chairs show the years of effort he has spent experimenting with forms and angles to create seating that is graceful and comfortable.

Klenk makes each piece by hand with the help of simple machines, hand tools, and over twenty years of experience. He uses a variety of construction techniques, from the traditional (dovetail, mortise and tenon, frame and panel) to more contemporary (box joints, locking miters, and some modern hardware). Pieces are finished with a smooth, polished varnish. This work is time-consuming and requires patience—and it is incredibly rewarding.

Klenk's grandfather worked for the Pierce Arrow Motor Car company in Buffalo, New York. Everyone in his family made art, from embroidery and knitting to woodworking, metal working, and building. After high school, Klenk went to a vocational school to learn woodworking. After working for a few years, he studied fine woodworking at the College of the Redwoods. He has continued learning and teaching ever since.

Tall Jewelry Armoire
Wood Jewelry Cabinet

$ 15,000
Tall Jewelry Tower
Wood Jewelry Cabinet

$ 10,000
Console Table
Wood Console Table

$ 1,610
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Made Show, USA, Washington DC, 2016
CraftBoston , Boston, MA. USA, Different venues in Boston , 2010 - 2014