David New-Small

"The art of crafting elegant perfume containers is as old as the art of perfume itself. From the artisans who made delicate glass vials for ancient Egyptian priests and royalty to the famous glassblowers of Renaissance Venice."

David New-Small is one of the few artists who works in dichroic glass, which appears to change colors when viewed from different angles.

Each of his vessels is created individually by an ancient process involving only heat, air, gravity, and a few simple tools. Dichroic glass is made by coating one surface with thin layers of dielectric materials in an ultra-high vacuum environment. This multilayer coating enables dichroic glass to transmit some colors of light and to reflect others.

New-Small earned his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley and subsequently studied for several years at the world renowned Pilchuck Glass School. He established his own studio, New-Small & Sterling Studio Glass in 1983. His work is included in many permanent collections, including those of the Corning Museum of Glass; the Canadian Craft Museum; the Government of the Philippines; the Government of China; the Government of Canada; the City of Vancouver.