David Smallcombe

''As long as I can remember, I have had a sense of kindred spirit with the natural world. I marvel at the mysteries of the interconnections of all things.''

30 years of experimentation and refinement have gone into David Smallcombe's jewelry designs. His current series has elegant lines, rich textures and clean simple designs. Striving only for the essential, he refines his ideas by subtracting elements rather than adding them.

Smallcombe makes his jewelry using chisels, hammers, and a variety of other methods to develop lines and textures. When working directly on the metal, he creates rich chased patterns. Alternately, he will use hydraulic pressure to compress and expand the metal, resulting in a deeply embossed surface. He will also often solder two dissimilar metals together in an overlay process.

Organic Lines Jewelry
Silver & Niobium Jewelry

by David Smallcombe
$ 180 - $ 340
$ 153 - $ 289
Ginkgo Leaf Jewelry
Gold & Silver Jewelry

by David Smallcombe
$ 160 - $ 310
$ 136 - $ 263.50
Reeds and Rushes Jewelry
Gold & Silver Jewelry

by David Smallcombe
$ 160 - $ 320
$ 136 - $ 272