Dean Pulver

"My hope is to create a beauty that is true and pure, and resonates in the mind inescapably. To create pieces that are raw and honest and express the perfection in imperfection. Layered with references to nature, culture, creativity, and life, they are meant to be monuments to our existence. "

As a child of two cultures, Japanese and Anglo-American, Dean Pulver is deeply interested in drawing inspiration from the design aesthetics of diverse cultures. Most recently, he has been involved in designing and fabricating furniture with a spirit similar to that of primitive art. Pulver admires the innocence and honesty within this kind of work and hopes to speak in a similar voice.

Pulver loves to carve wood and has an innate need to create three-dimensional objects. Furniture is the perfect medium for him because he enjoys creating work that people will interact with. He constructs his work using a variety of complicated techniques, including stack lamination and brick laying. After using a band saw and power carvers to rough out the forms, he refines the design by hand carving with traditional tools. The finished creations are elegant works of art with a striking presence and vitality.

Dean Pulver received a BFA in 1987 from the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts). Though he began as a painter, he ultimately moved to sculpture. After graduating, he spent several years working with various artists and craftspeople, concentrating on finding his place in the art world. He soon began making furniture. Since then, he has participated in many solo and group shows, received numerous awards, and had his work included in a variety of publications.

The Space Between
Wood Console Table

$ 4,900
Wood Console Table

$ 3,300
Wood Console Table

$ 3,700
Daydream No. 21
Wood Console Table

$ 2,900
Arch Dining Table
Wood Dining Table

$ 7,300
I Pray
Wood Hall Table

$ 1,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, PA, Philadelphia, 2011
Taos Selects / Fall Arts Festival, NM, Taos, 2011
Purchase Award, New Mexico Arts - Art in Public Places, NM, Santa Fe, 2011
Bellevue Arts Museum Featured Object, WA, Bellevue, 2008
Carol Duke Award, WA, Bellevue Arts Museum, 2008