Debra Heimerdinger

Debra Heimerdinger/Fine Art Photographs

"I wanted the flowers to be free from vases and tabletops. In retrospect, that sense of freedom within order was something I needed myself."

Debra Heimerdinger began working on this series of photographs at a point of acute homeowner frustration. After two years of renovation, her living space was still in a chaotic state of half-finished construction. Heimerdinger seized the aesthetic opportunity: she added flowers. Flowers translated the disorder of the disheveled rooms into something more balanced. She set out to record these counterpoints to chaos.

The associations we have with flowers are infinitely varied. The scent of lilacs might recall the first exquisite note of spring or be a sickly reminder of a tedious cousin's perfume. Her flowers communicate messages. Mutely expressing what cannot easily be put into words.