Delias Thompson

"Taking the torch in hand has led me on an amazing journey of self-discovery. In this craft, we find no boundaries or limitations-- only endless possibilities. To master the art is not the goal, but to seek new truths and to push beyond both physical and mental barriers, capturing form and function in a way completely our own. "

Delias Thompson's inspiration stems from the cold hard lines of modern architecture as well as the soft shapes found in nature. She seeks to balance the two as a harmonic paradox by offering a collection of elegant, yet edgy, jewelry.

Thompson combines cast elements with hand fabrication to bring her work to life. With an emphasis on texture, the artist creates layers of visual stimulation. All of her jewelry is completely hand-finished.

Thompson began her education with classes in fabrication at a local art center.She continued to expand her skills by learning specific techniques, such as granulation, at workshops led by instructors from Revere Academy. Intense study came later, as she was guided by master gold-smith, Helen Blythe-Hart, who led her to develop her own unique style and voice.

Drift Pearl Ring
Silver & Pearl Ring

$ 175
Realm Band
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 175
Twilight Cuff
Silver Bracelet

$ 600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Buyer's Market of American Craft, Philadelphia, PA, 2009