Cathy Ridge

Designs by Cathy Wade

"I have always loved the quirky side of designing. I hunt and gather, pick and search, bargain and barter to find the most wonderful vintage cashmere sweaters. I draw inspiration from their rich colors and patterns. "

Every piece of wearable art from Designs by Cathy Wade is 100 percent green and recycled from 100 percent cashmere reclaimed from discarded cashmere sweaters. Wade uses every piece of the sweaters, including the cuffs, turtlenecks, and sleeves to make skirts, blankets, brooches, headbands and more. There really is nothing that compares with the luxury and softness of cashmere.

The artist combines her love of sewing with fashion, design and, of course, some creative whimsy. She fearlessly combines colors and patterns and takes inspiration from the cashmere itself. Sewing each piece by hand, Wade turns a discarded item into something new and beautiful! No two lap throws are the same, and every brooch is a little different.

As a child, Wade started making doll clothes from fabric scraps. Learning to work with the leftovers gave her an appreciation and talent for seeing the hidden potential in items others cast aside. Recalling family quilts, the artist fearlessly combined colors and patterns to create patchwork from old denim to make skirts in college. Over time Cathy Wade developed her own sense of design.