Desiree DeLong

"Jewelry has an intrinsic value that is not only determined by the market, but also by the person it adorns."

Desiree DeLong is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer for whom personal creativity in its many forms inspires her lifelong passion for hand-crafted work. Her work as a seamstress and draper for the theater and ballet heavily influences her sculptural approach to metal--form and silhouette being extremely important in each piece. Her work has the integrity of antique jewelry but is distinctly modern, organic, and refined.

DeLong works in a variety of techniques. Chasing, repousse, forging, and lost wax all play an integral role in the fabrication of her work. Each piece is meticulously made by hand in her studio in Brooklyn. She works primarily in silver, vermeil, gold, and both precious and semi-precious gemstones.

DeLong is a self-taught metalsmith who uses her background in the theater and the hospital to create a narrative in her work and develop her attention to detail. She continues to build her knowledge through workshops and residencies.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council, Maryland, Baltimore, 2013
Regenerate - To Breath New Life Into, North Carolina, Green Plum Gallery and Press, 2012