Dolan Geiman

"I collect like a scientist, I talk like a preacher, I sing like a sailor, and I make art like a farmer, planting ideas and getting my hands dirty every day."

Dolan Geiman is a Denver, Colorado based mixed media artist known for nostalgic, multilayered artworks inspired by vintage Americana and nature's untamed wilderness.

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Dolan Geiman's formative years were defined by outdoor adventures in his bucolic surroundings. Twenty-plus years later the flora and fauna, found curiosities, and homestead spirit still define Geiman's contemporary-folk creations.

Trained by his mother, a watercolor artist, and father, a storyteller, teacher, and serviceman for the USDA Forest Service, Geiman's mediums span painting, collage, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and assemblage. Together, Geiman's expansive portfolio celebrates the folklore and discarded materials of the rugged American landscape.