Dominique Bereiter

Dominique Metal Jewelry

"My jewelry is the reflection of my imagination, my spirit, and my connection with people."

During childhood, Bereiter developed a love for art—its creation and expression. She is a visual person and her work is influenced by her travels around the world. She loves to see her pieces come alive by combining different metals, accenting with gemstones, and adding a lot of texture.

All of Bereiter's work is hand fabricated from sterling silver, gold, and copper. Most of the pieces are sawed, then textured, filed, and soldered together. She oxidizes her work, giving it a darker and richer appearance.

Bereiter didn't have a classic jeweler's training. In Geneva, she studied neuroscience, but her love for art continued to grow. After moving to Providence, Rhode Island, she enrolled in several classes at Rhode Island School of Design and local art centers. Since relocating to Minneapolis, Bereiter has immersed herself in the design and creation of jewelry.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Show, St Paul MN, St Paul, 2015 2016
American Craft Show, San Francisco CA, Manson Building , 2015
American Craft Show, Baltimore MD, Baltimore, 2016
Walker Jewelry Mart, Minneapolis MN, Minneapolis, 2013 2016