Andrew Thompson

Drew Digital

"Inexpensive art for those with expensive taste. This is art printed on vinyl and mounted on clear acrylic. My unique printing technique requires no frame and may be mounted anywhere, like a mirror. Enjoy!"

Splashes of color, depth, and movement highlight Andrew Thompson's original art. It is art as if one were an inch tall and created by giants. Under this microscope you will find elements of landscape, architecture, and the organic vs. the geometric.

Many templates are created with and array of inks, markers, paints, and pastels. These are then layered and scanned at a high resolution, printed on vinyl, and mounted on clear acrylic. This process allows the art to have no need for a frame and creates art without borders.

Thompson exercised his artistic desires throughout his primary education, exploring every opportunity for art that he could. A professional field was birthed in the late 80s when he sold a drawing of Donatello in exchange for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He finished high school and attended the University of Illinois. With a scanner and computer, he began creating digital art.