Dylan Gold

"My furniture pieces are intended to combine fine art and function, craftsmanship and creativity, and blur the line between focal point and background in a physical setting."

With training and experience in fine art, design and construction, Dylan Gold of Link Studios creates work that is a hybrid of all three. His design goal is to create innovative pieces of furniture that encourage the viewer to pause and think, but still function well for consumer lifestyles. Gold's work is sustainably produced using eco-friendly materials and processes. He repeatedly uses American hardwood veneers, bamboo, recycled composites and water-based finishes.

Beginning each piece with sketches on paper, Gold then creates detailed computer models with select parts precision cut on a CNC router. Traditional woodworking, metalworking and finishing techniques are used to bring each project to completion. Gold uses the computer to create scalable and customizable solutions, yet each piece is unique in its details and has been brought to life with the artist's hands.

Gold has been an artist, drawing and painting, since early childhood. His university degree was in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. At Link Studios, Dylan Gold works within a collaborative studio environment with many talented craftspeople, all learning from each other.

Vertical Twisted
Wood Cabinet

by Dylan Gold
$ 3,700
Bamboo & Steel Table

by Dylan Gold
$ 4,100