Edwin VanGorder

Van VanGorder

"My art is like a mirror surface that is in an environment of forms structurally mirroring each other. I make these forms in an art made vivid by my childhood memories of Asian carpentry puzzle balls, which I take to a higher plane as drawing art that is computer mediated to photography."

Edwin VanGorder is an artist who bridges photo, computer, and drawing environments into a better fourth. The image becomes sculptural through a circuitous architecture that is sympathetic to his passion for incisive Renaissance drawing modes in relation to Asian timber-framing joinery, which is an equally incisive subject matter for the mode.

VanGorder often begins by photographing his drawings in his near environments. These brush drawing carry the vestiges of print training. Subsequently, work with the computer brings to his art the attributes of a subconscious force.

VanGorder recieved a B.F.A. at Parsons School of Design, learning drawing and printmaking. Subsequently, work at Gwathmey Siegel Architect brought him to architectural thinking and particularly use of golden section proportions. He has also taken courses in Interior Design at MATC in Madison, WI. In recent years he has focused extensively on artist's books in a self-taught mode.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Oakwood Nursing Home Gallery, Madison Wi., Oakwood Public Gallery, 2004