Phil Brown

Fine Turned Wood

"My wife calls me a "wood addict" - I can't seem to turn down the offer of a tree, especially a species I haven't turned before."

Phil Brown has been serious wood turner since 1975 when he bought a used lathe and taught himself from a book. He focuses on local wood from trees already being cut down, which he cuts with his chainsaw to shapes that will expose interesting patterns for future bowls.

The Maryland wood turner takes great care in drying the wood so it will not crack, often turning shapes green and waxing them, to be turned thin a year later. He is known for amazingly thin and light bowls and for the flare shape he has perfected over the years, and has developed other favorite forms. The patterns of the growth rings, grain, and burls, along with holes made by beetles and bark inclusions, are what decorate his forms. He honors the tree by detailing and kind of wood and the location where it grew along with his signature and date.

Brown's bowls have been included in numerous juried and group shows, in many publications, and in half a dozen art museum collections.

Maple Vortex Vessel
Wood Wall Sculpture

by Phil Brown
$ 650
$ 552.50