Gillian Batcher

Pash Jewellery Design

"My artistic philosophy is to make work that is important to me and that I would wear. I like to create volume in jewellery with minimal weight, through the application of various goldsmithing and textile techniques."

Gillian Batcher is interested in the current development of historically significant techniques for producing craft. She examines techniques such as sewing, weaving, and mokume gane to explore volume in jewellery. She became interested in these techniques in response to her belief that important modes of production were being lost with each generation that did not strive to learn the techniques of the previous ones. By focusing her work on such techniques, Batcher hopes to emphasize their beauty and cultural significance in the past and their potential for the future.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by Gillian in her studio. Batcher uses traditional goldsmithing techniques along with adapted textile techniques in the creation of her work. This work may appear free flowing and organic yet this is achieved through meticulous attention to detail and process. The end result is the creation of an ideal random effect.

Gillian Batcher has a degree in Psychology from the University Of Western Ontario and a certificate in Jewellery Arts from George Brown College, graduating from both with distinction. In addition to studying at George Brown, Batcher took an intensive jewellery course in Florence, Italy. Upon completing her training she was accepted into Harbourfront Centre's residency program where she worked as an artist-in-residence for three years. She has participated in numerous art shows and exhibitions in Canada and the United States and has been the recipient of various awards for both technical and artistic achievement.