Ernest Porcelli

Glass Art of Brooklyn

"The challenge of creating a piece of glass that will last for a hundred years is just one of the elements that make me so passionate about my art. The ever-shifting light is my canvas; the lines, colors, and textures are my paints."

For Ernest Porcelli, creating art is a logical process with a beginning, middle, and end--and then it is about the next piece. Porcelli sees magic in the longevity of the artwork he makes. Knowing that it will endure long after he is gone gives him a sense of immortality.

Porcelli creates contemporary and traditional glass art utilizing hundred-year-old techniques including cutting by hand, kiln fusing, and forming.

Ernest Porcelli attended the New York School of Visual Arts before being drafted and becoming a combat photographer for the United States Army, for which he was awarded a Purple Heart. Upon returning to New York, he took classes in stained glass at NYU New School under the tutelage of Jean Jacque Duvall. Porcelli opened his first glass shop in 1974 and has been working at his craft ever since.

Circle #3
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 4,475
Cityscape II
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 3,175
Art Glass Screen

$ 20,100
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 775
Landscape with Window
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 3,425
Thread Lamp
Art Glass Table Lamp`

$ 4,375
Starlight Starbright Lamp
Art Glass Table Lamp

$ 2,075
Tulip Field
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 3,675