Grace Stokes

Grace Stokes Designs

"My jewelry designs are an exploration of collective visual experiences and are inspired by the rhythmic balance of organic and geometric shapes juxtaposed in nature. My desire as an artist is to rearrange these elements into something intimate and expressive."

Grace Stokes approaches jewelry design as the creation of a small piece of wearable art rather than ornament. She is strongly influenced by her formal background in painting and drawing, as well as her love of flower gardening, patterns and textures in nature, and the bold lines of architecture. Her unique aesthetic pays homage to a broad range of artistic cultures while striving for a contemporary feel.

The flexibility of polymer clay gives Stokes the freedom to create simple shapes that she can manipulate like miniature canvases, embellishing them with texture, graphics, repetitive patterns, carved surfaces, or fields of color. Her admiration for clean lines and a limited color palette keep the work fresh and current.

Grace Stokes has a fine art degree in painting. Although her formal education laid the foundation for her design approach, she is primarily self-taught as a jewelry artist, and continually grows her knowledge through the working process. A full-time studio artist living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Stokes continues to further her craft through hard work, experimentation, and a passion for creating.

Triple Drop Silver Pendant by Grace Stokes (Silver Necklace)
White Lotus Flower Earrings
Polymer Clay & Silver Earrings

by Grace Stokes
$ 90
Lotus Flower Earrings
Polymer Clay & Silver Earrings

by Grace Stokes
$ 90
Black and White Leaf Pendant
Polymer Clay & Silver Necklace

by Grace Stokes
$ 230
Hopscotch Pendant
Polymer Clay & Silver Necklace

by Grace Stokes
$ 165
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, Colorado, USA, Denver, CO, 2015
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, New Orleans Fairgrounds, 2015
Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Des Moines, IA, 2014
Art Fair on the Square, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Madison, WI, 2014
Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Kansas City, MO, 2012
'52 Weeks, 52 Works'; Academy Graphic Communication Inc. publication featuring artwork by Cleveland artists., Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Cleveland, OH, 2013, 2012
'A Fresh Take on a Floral Brooch', Article and Repousse Tutorial, USA, Art Jewelry Magazine, 2009
'Less is More Sophisticated', Cover and Tutorial, USA, Art Jewelry Magazine, 2007
'The Art of Jewelry: Polymer Clay', Featured Work, USA, Lark Books, 2006
'Holiday Ornaments', Invitational, San Diego, CA, Taboo Studio, 2007