Hannah Blount

Hannah Blount Jewelry

"I strive to create jewelry that is classic yet unique, refined yet organic. It is intended to make the wearer feel beautiful--an intimate connection between metal and skin."

The daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress, Hannah Blount was raised in the tradition of hand skills. The familiar moments of childhood, the gritty fishing gear set against the clean backdrop of their Nantucket home--these things inspired her to create beauty of her own. Her work is personally nostalgic, a conduit for curious memories that serves as a voice of expression and a celebration of nature's beauty.

Blount creates her jewelry through a number of traditional techniques, including soldering, carving, repousse, chasing, and a lot of hammering and sanding. She works primarily in sterling silver, vermeil, and gold, along with a myriad of stones. She has a love for the feel of brushed metal, and she meticulously finishes each piece to suit the attraction.

Hannah Blount started crafting jewelry at age six, and has been pursuing her passion ever since. She graduated with honors from UMass Dartmouth in 2008 with a degree in Jewelry/Metals. After working for a number of local jewelers on Nantucket, she moved to Boston to continue the dream in the old city, and loves every day of it.