Heather Fields

"My paintings evolve from a combination of direct observation and recollections of a place's atmosphere. I intend for this aspect of nostalgia to combine with the evocative forces of color and light in my work. "

Fields's paintings are the tangible expression of her lifelong fascination with both the visual effects of light as it plays with color, and the satisfying physical act of laying paint to canvas. She hopes to spark subtle, possibly even subconscious connections between her imagery and each viewer's own unique experiences.

Heather Fields is best described as a big gusto painter. Her work is heavily textured. Thick marks of bold color are laid on with stubby brushes and knives, then nudged, smudged, and coaxed into place. From a distance, her images have a pictorial quality. However, up close, the thick paint and scritchy-scratchy marks become apparent, giving her work its unique and vivacious quality.

Fields received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in 1985. The grand-niece of a prominent Russian-born painter, Fields is a self-employed glassblower and oil painter. She continually seeks the guidance of accomplished contemporary painters, and regularly shows her work in prominent shows in the Northwest and beyond.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Bellevue Art Museum Show, Washington, Bellevue , 2017
Kimball Art Center Show, Utah, Park City , 2017
Salem Art Festival, Oregon, Salem, 2015,2016,2017